Olivia Kennaway – Founder / Designer / Director

Company Name – Lalesso & Atelier Eleven

Bio – Olivia is the co-founder, head designer and managing director of eco, ethical and sustainable luxury fashion brand Lalesso. Founded in 2007, she has grown the brand over the past ten years as a pioneer of both ethical and African fashion. Born in Mombasa, Kenya, the 32 year old who now calls Cape Town home, is driven by her passion for forging a better future for our people and planet. Paramount to her business approach is working directly with small local skills groups and artisans as well as larger factories which work towards social empowerment. Using the cross pollination of business and creativity to be inspired and to inspire other individuals and businesses is the foundation of Olivia’s new business being launched in 2018, Atelier Eleven. Lalesso was the winner of the Ethical Fashion Forum Source aware for Brand Leader: Design in 2015 and is listed on the Business of Fashion 500 (#BOF500) since 2016.